My daughter wanted to transfer school when she finishes 5 th grade from a magnet school. I wanted her to continue to a magnet middle school where she is readily transferred with no entrance exam, but her mind is set to go to a non magnet non IB school. her brother already is actually finishing at this school which she wants to transfer but in the gifted program.
It was my condition that only can she transfer school if she is eligible for the gifted program. She was evaluated twice by the school for the gifted program using the Wechsler intelligence scale for children both exams she was INeligible.
My question is should I got for the third time for her to be tested and should I go for a private psychological testing. I don't want her to be pressured into going into a gifted program, but I also have my own biases on her current school giving this test. I have also come to know that her classmates who are in the gifted program have actually done it privately after taking the test in school not being eligible .
I am looking forward to your advice.

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