After reading through this article it dawns on me that this new world we are diving into is perhaps the beginning of a new stage in our evolution. I believe it ties in well with Harvey Fineberg's idea of neo-evolution, sort of the idea that due to increased levels of technology we are no longer evolving in a strictly physical sense but rather in a self guided way. Online networks could provide the isolation needed to promote evolution, but this time its guided by the social media themselves. We change who we think we are to better fit into these networks and the next generation will have been doing this since day 1. The environment that drives our evolution is changing from our real, physical, world to the vast unpredictable social media driven world of the Internet. If you cant deal with technology well and your not looking good on all of your social sites then you will not be able to score the best jobs or the best "mates" halting the line of the "un-technical". Our new online identities are helping to shape our futures more and more and we have to figure out when to internalize that which we have previously viewed as strictly external.