I am 59 and can relate to your horse/zebra feeling.
Every time I am in a social situation I feel uncomfortable. One to one has been the most comfortable mode of interaction for me.
As I continue to age and since my retirement I see people less and less. It feels much better. I do not even like travel.

I find my peace in nature and with my husband and children.
The biggest problem for me is how deeply all emotions hit me. I have to check in with my husband to find reality. My reality can be distorted because of the depth of emotion I experience. And yet I am gifted in my ability to feel nuances.

It is interesting to me that I have chosen friends who will listen to me but they are not HSPs. My husband is deeply empathetic but not an HSP. My friends and family are my rocks. It makes me wonder if 2 HSPs work well together?

Are your friends HSPs?

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