Would you rather I not mention something that I know can possibly be of help simply because I have a connection to the company. I could have lied and pretended to simply be a customer or the company, then you wouldn't have been upset probably. Instead I was very upfront, simply because I actually have a lot of integrity and know that I am coming from that place. With an unconditional money back guarantee we don't expect people to just buy and then they're stuff. They can buy it and see what difference it does make, or even send in a photo for consultation,..and you may not believe this but we do from time to time tell people not to buy because it won't give them enough help. Strange but true.

So honestly, I don't think there is any reason to feel shame, I would feel shame if I kept my mouth shut when my intuitive sense in reading a couple people's posts that it could make a huge difference especially detectives. I also shared a website of a woman doing remarkable work in helping HSPs and empaths learn to work with their sensibilities...again, just passing along info that has helped me and others I know immensely.

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