Imagine how your life would feel if you were reflecting rather than absorbing. I was getting more and more sensitive, and having more and more problems as I became more wired and there were computers all around me. Honestly, the EMF bombardment is helping to erode the stamina and auric strength for many sensitives.
But even without that I found that as I got older, I got more sensitive and was retreating more and more. Then I found what seemed like almost a miracle...a pendant that honestly strengthened my field and helped tremendously in deflecting and neutralizing a good deal of the incoming energy from people, EMF, even places. It was like a breath of fresh air. I was so impressed, I actually went to work for the company, I wanted to help other people. Since then I've talked to thousands of sensitives who's lives have changed for the better. I've even had some call me crying they were so relieved when they put it on. The company will even do a Free photo evaluation and give you feedback on which style is best for you and how much you can expect it to help you. If the standard Shields don't do it, you can have one custom designed specifically for your energy field. Check out the free photo consultation
I'm not trying to sell you, I don't get a commission. I just know how much help it can be. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "I got my life back". Check out some of the stories in the testimonials section and know that's just a tiny sampling. Don't give up on yourself.

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