that you haven't happened to get the right test for, yet. There are probably hundreds or thousands of different known diseases that could cause those symptoms.
And saying "it's CFS" seems like it could be an impediment to further diagnostic work. How about telling doctors your symptoms and "I've had such and such tests that were negative" and see what they suggest?
Elimination diets can fail easily, because people on the elimination diet may still be eating foods they're sensitive to. That happened to me. The first elimination diet I tried in 1997 failed - I had no reactions to food challenges. That, and the fact that someone who is food sensitive can have many (or all, maybe) of the symptoms on the CFS symptom list, like joint pains, unrefreshing sleep, headaches, chronic fatigue, mental confusion - makes me wonder if food might be the problem. The most strict elimination diet is to fast for a week, but that's pretty painful. The next most strict is to eat just exotic foods for a week - foods that aren't related to any food you normally eat more than once a week or so. And then, start trying to reintroduce foods.
Not to harp on that one possibility - possibilities abound.

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