I want to share a project-completion methodology with everyone and feel free to comment. This is called the Crimson's 95% rule.

I'm a trained scientist so I tend to keep records. What I have found when completing any project that it takes me x amount of hours to get to the 95% satisfaction mark when I'm writing or putting together a complex blog post. If I want to get the project to the 100% satisfaction mark then it takes me 1.5x hours. I have to work half the number of hours to go from 95% to 100% satisfaction with my outcome.

I've learned to cut my losses at 95% and go on to do other things. The pay-off to fret about that last bit just isn't there. What I've also learned that if I wait 30 days or 90 days and get back to the project it takes me a scant amount of time to reach the 100% mark because during the wait time I've usually figured out the code I needed or had an idea from a subsequent project that solves the challenge that gets me to 100% easily.