Great article and the very truth Susan. I was also brought up in a family where books were our best education. My late father always emphasized the importance of reading and its unique influence on boosting imagination and creativity. It is exactly as you wrote, while reading we have to slow down. Moreover, we have to transform abstract letter/words into images, signs and notions in our heads. Reading is very active (at head), while playing games (I mean computer ones) is passive activity making our brain receptive instead of productive.
In my generation (children of 1960s) we had such an influential book called Winnetou by Karl May. The book (in fact the series of books) thaught us moral code, honour, responsibility, honesty that even now, after more than 40 years, we, the Winnetou readers talk about the Winnetou generation. People acknowledge that the book has had the biggest impact on their lives as I may say about me, too.
I am pleased to come across your blog:)))
Greetings from Poland:)
Danka Antas