It is like you were sitting here describing my 15 year old son. Things like this are tough to read, as the recommendations are generic, and have not worked yet for me. My son can be such a sweetheart, does not have any emotional trouble, but his ADD makes him continually fail in school. Like mostly F's and D's. The school doesn't care and both he and the school have basically given up. He gets F's whether he works hard or does no work at all, so he has stopped really trying. He resents our getting in the middle of it, and now gets angry when we try to help him. He literally feels that school is ruining his life, not the other way around. It must be so hard to have every interaction with school be a negative reminder that he can't manage it, and that he is a failure. Every class. Every day. Every year. I would give up too, so I do not know what to tell him.

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