1) Superego (Neocortex aka "human brain")
2) Ego (Limbic Brain aka "emotional brain")
3) Id (Reptilian Brain aka "R-complex")

How do I know this? I'm one of those hopeless people you are talking about in your article with a very strong reaction formation to it which makes me VERY combative. C'est la vie. I have a compulsion to set your thinking right.

I happen to remember the traumatic Night Sea Journey (at the age of four) that gave me three different voices aka "intelligences" in my Tri-une brain. I'm bipolar now with two warring brothers aka (the Superego and Ego) and psychosis prone aka (the Id aka the couldron of chaos). I tracked it down to the "Oedipus Complex." The Oedipus complex isn't what Psychology reports it to be. I'll show you visually where I went to get my unrelenting Thanatos Anxiety and shame.


My Id represented in the painting by the Midgard Serpent pulled my father represented by Thor from the boat and I couldn't save him represented by Hymir. My helplessness and powerlessness in this divine realm can not be reached by mere mortals. It takes a Hercules to save Hymir.

Here's your chance to be Hercules if you dare.

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