I'm 21 so I'm actually a fair deal younger than you but I can still empathize with a lot of what you say! I often catch myself thinking that it's because I'm moderately overweight and not the prettiest in the bunch but there's definitely people out there who are on the same level of attractiveness who have a partner despite! I get really sad about this from time to time and start thinking about diets or other ways to change my appearance but essentially I believe it has something to do with other aspects of ourselves as social beings. I haven't always been treated the nicest by my peers, for example. Maybe it's some kind of inherent distrust in people preventing us from opening up? It could just as well be that we don't allow ourselves this shot at happiness for other reasons like self-consciousness, self-criticism or downright fear?
I've had a few people tell me that they wanted me or be with me yet I've always turned them down because I got scared or because it suddenly "didn't feel right" anymore. I usually also fall in love with people I can't have which probably speaks for itself.
I'm sorry if I talk about myself too much but I was wondering if maybe you could ticks some of those items off your list as well? haha.
PS.: online dating is the worst!

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