I'm 49, and discovered that I actually feel more sexy and confident now than I did when I was younger. I just feel freer. I'm pretty, but not botoxed, tucked or restalayned. I'm tall but not especially slim - I've got curves. I do, however, believe with every fiber of my being that I am still attractive -- sexy, in fact -- to men of all ages. I'm still sexual -- more so, really, than before the onset of my "second act." I'm single, but not looking, and so I can choose for myself.

Confidence, intelligence and the sort of openness discussed among us here does indeed attract others -- believe it. I find so many people are unhappy and disengaged. Truly, you can be a stand out in any room just by smiling, being friendly and finding humor in everyday life. And guys, don't fret -- we do notice you, too, for these same reasons! It can work for anyone.

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