I just now took the survey and don't see how you can conclude that so many people have lack of desire. I have a very high level of desire and my wife has none. So I had to answer "zero" sexual activity and trouble with orgasms (only because of my wife). Nowhere in the survey did it allow me to show that I have a very high level of sexual desire, never had a desire problem at all, and that only my wife has had a problem. So I ended up in your survey as having a desire problem. Wrong!

Also, your article makes no distinction between solo masturbation and partnered sex. So how many times a week do I have sex? About 10 times. But partnered, zero!

And you have a category which says that 7% have sex 4 or 5 times a week. What about those who have sex 10 times a week, like me, unless you're only counting partnered sexual encounters?

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