There has been nothing normal or healthy about our marriage.
I wish we had sexual desire problems then at least we would be a married couple.
I'm a married woman, not bad looking for a 60 year gal, a tiny bit around the waist.
Now we've been married 45+ years and as a couple we have no connection to each other. He eats, sleeps in our basement and has worked the night shift for about the same amount of time. He doesn't espicially like me, hates sex, intimacy, sleeping with me. The last time we had sex was our wedding night 45 years ago. That was our first, last and only time. In about 36 hours we were married and alone ( I'd consider it as single again). He didn't want sex because it was disgusting, smelly, messy, not worth the effort, pointless and couldn't understand why two humans could indulge themselves in act that was so gross. That's why he moved to the basement and went on the midnight shift to be completely away from me. He turned himself into a hermit, no friends, TV, radio, computer,phone,or reading material. I had no where to go or any one to be with, so I decided to stay and I figured that maybe I could work things out. It wasn't a wise move and I wasted my life and ended up on drugs. My doctor and shrink are my best friends.

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