For me sexual desire wains when stress or a low-self image rear their ugly head in my life. I have experienced both of these more frequently since trying to start a new business venture. The cure for me is to be decisive enough about wanting it even through I am not currently desiring to have sex with my wife.

Even when my desire is low, I know the importance of regular sex in my marriage, so I took to the task of trying things that work for making my wife want to have sex with me. I put my findings in an article I wrote called: How to Make My Wife Want Me. I know that she is a relational and sexual creature so I tried out different things that I believe would work for any husband if he tried it with patience, dogged persistence, and learning while trying. It has worked for me even when I am down on my myself for things that I cannot help, i.e., slow business.

It is good to know that there is one thing that I can "help"!

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