Like i've known allot people that put their dog first . Because it's there baby . But when we talk about treating dogs like children it seem harmless but when you think about people really might need help ? I've seen people go if my dog doesn't like xyz or if my dog isn't allowed i'm not going ? Similar to if a child . But is that truly healthy to give a place that a dog can't go ? To take it a step further . I've know people to put their dog first in relationship and cause for breaks up and marriages . ( Same as children sometimes do in some cases . Yes I know it's never the child fault but lets be honest in some case the cause of caring for your child and not your marriage is truly an issue . When someone comes with a child first great but not caring to spouse is an issue ) But now its dog first . Like when is someone going to start looking into the fact that most people are truly longing for an unconditional love and over projecting this in the one that give it at the bare minimum and go hey it's not healthy. Because call me crazy a parent will die for their child and I know lot of fur parents that will die for their children . That's not healthy . WE're turning dog and cat into thing they were never supposed to be . Children and next doesn't this mean we devalue children ? Because i'm a keep it a stack with you . I wouldn't die for my dog at all but would die for my kid . More importantly children are supposed to be loved and trained for the world to make it better that is the purpose of a child . Not to sit stay and be there when we get home.

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