I definitely agree that there is a noticeable, growing popularization in substituting "fur babies" for human children. The author describes this substitution as attempting to fill the void of once occupied by the children of "empty nesters," which makes a lot of sense because they miss their kids.

I feel it's a lot more serious of a problem, and less of simple remark on American culture. More and more people are equating having pets to raising children. Equating means that they actually believe that having a pet is as difficult, and on an equal plane as having a child. This perceived parallel is very disturbing to me, not only because I have children, but also because I see this belief as being very delusional and somewhat psychotic.

The growing trend for couples to simply purchase/adopt/"rescue" a pet in an attempt to move forward in their domestic lives is alarming. The psychological relief that having a pet brings a couple is not complete. Couples are meant to have children and further the human species ( and the family).

I can go on and on with this topic but I don't get paid to write articles for a living ;)

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