Hey there. My parents also declined to have me tested once because I surely wasn't gifted! When I did eventually get tested, my IQ also came in around 135-40, which they considered so little above average as to be irrelevant! My high school counselor considered me gifted, I guess (the reason for the test). I am probably straddling the line between gifted and bright. I can empathise with many of the things you've described - I could multiply by a factor of 12 by the time I was 6, and had the reading age of a 12-year-old. I wasn't the best at doing homework, however!

My school district's gifted program was abolished some years before I started secondary school, but a school does not always have to be "for the gifted", in order to be suitable. I went to a school that had a history of being very selective. Many of the kids I know from there qualify as profoundly gifted, and many of the teachers were experienced in working with kids who were high achievers and eccentric in their learning styles, whether or not they had ever been tested or labelled. Of course there were bad teachers as well. But many of the good ones will invest considerable time and effort in you if they sense that you're interested, so don't worry about getting a good education. At any rate there is always the possibility of working on your own, as you're already doing.

I would advise you to aim for college. College is great! You meet a lot of people whose brains work like yours. I felt like my brain was broken for many years because I just couldn't seem to think like other people. But I found in university that there are a lot of people out there who also like to question everything, and who have weird and wonderful ideas.

I have to warn you, however, that I still have problems "answering the question"... During term time I spend about 90% of my time barking up the wrong trees, reading everything that interests me, and then go into a mad rush in the last few weeks trying to address all the learning objectives. For some reason, I continue to do this to myself. It's part of the fun, right? I don't know if your problem extends to writing exams. Mine did! If it does - just remember you're sitting the exam for one reason only ;)

Basically: things will get better. You will meet people like you, especially if you end up in tertiary education. Ask questions even if you don't always get answers...And you don't have to be "gifted" to be gifted. I feel that giftedness is a way of thinking - that you have. Sometimes I feel that it makes life harder, but who knows who I would be otherwise? You are a special snowflake (you!), don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

All the best, from another not-gifted student ;P

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