It is not 5 million. If I am right, it should be 500K.

I really just love Tim's post. I have a son who I believe is that type of child. When I raise him, I re-recognize myself. I grew up in China and the school there is much more strict. I was deprived of my fun and hate teachers in most of my life, even if both my parents are also teachers. I was the only person at elementary school who was exempt from early morning excise and home work. I had strong desire to learn things which is not allowed in school, but I was told to wait wait till one day I am in university and a good life is promised. Nobody can promise that to you. I was fooled and wasted the best part of my life. It is very sad and I am 43 now. I just hope my son can enjoy his life, otherwise I will feel guilty to bring him into this world.

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