My school tested me to see if I was gifted when I was in third grade. Unfortunately, I got chicken pox, and the test was very shortly after I had recovered. When the results came back they were inconclusive, I have a very high IQ but was too exhausted to comprehend some of the questions (according to the letter, not my own opinion, though this was the same week I came back, and I had been sick for months, so I agree that I was tired.) There was no follow up test. Two others in my class were tested, a boy and another girl. The boy did not make it, and the girl I never got to ask. It doesn't matter to my parents, but because I never got a real answer it has been haunting me, I wish I never got that letter. To anyone who reads this, please don't put your kids through that. It's been driving me nuts that I don't even know, and if I mention it to anyone they always expect a lot more from me, I feel like I'm letting my parents down for not being better, even though they support me and haven't said anything. I say don't get your kids tested, it shouldn't affect how you see them or how they preform, just let them be themselves and let them be great without the pressure.

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