Don't forget the cello! LOL I want to give a huge THUMBS UP to Tim's reply!

I find many of these posts self-absorbed, especially that almost-highschooler who goes into painstaking detail to describe how AWESOME he is and how much BETTER he is than the rest of these other "regular folks". Come on people. We as a society is pretty sad, our expectations are so much lowered that anyone who's a bit motivated is now labelled "special".
I'm not here to defend or endorse the high-pressure / spoon-feeding educational system in Asia, but many kids in the ultra-competitive environment in Asian countries are expected to:
- write their full names (in 2 languages) by age 3
- do double digit subtraction and addition by 2nd year preschool (3 years old)
- do multiplication by age 6
that's AVERAGE, people.
Reading this far, i only find one genuine post - the father of the 3 gifted young adults. That's the only one with an iota of humility and reality.

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