"Please make sure your gifted children are challenged in school so they develop good study and work habits".

That doesn't work with a great many exceptional people. School in the U.S. is a routine (which you like), and many "gifted" people don't like routines. The reasons that our (and most) school systems are set up this way are all primarily economic and religious; the googs will help you understand that if you have a few spare minutes.

Our society actually depends greatly on people who eschew routine in favor of innovation and creativity. And personal fulfillment. It also depends greatly on people who do routine things. The exceptional can do both, but the average person can't. We have no need to force large minds into small spaces, so why intentionally do so?

We're all going to die. Happiness should be the goal. If Wallace has happy kids, he should rightly find some deep satisfaction in that.


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