My grandson just turned nine months. He is already walking and saying a few words other than mama and papa. We heard him speak words unusual for his age when he was about six months. He calls my daughter Tita, which is Aunt in my language. One time we heard him say"Hi, Tita!". Once he said "owtide" for outside while he's standing in front of our glass door.He calls their dog by its name Lola and gets her to come around the front porch by knocking on the glass door and calling out her name.He tries to say car, bird and bear, but just couldn't sound out the r.He's into pointing now. The other day, his dad asked him where I was, he pointed at me and said "Der" Yesterday, his parents were eating tacos and he pointed at it and said taco two times. Is he gifted and how do we nurture it?

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