I consider the fact that the teacher suggested your having her tested to be very significant. In a classical Montessori school the teachers are trained to be very sensitive to individual developmental differences among students, My daughter attended such a school as a 3- and 4-yo and her teacher observed that the boy who was her "best friend" also had an "advanced vocabulary." The director of the preschool recommended a school for the gifted for K. We were liberal, "egalitarian," had never used the word "gifted." We had our daughter tested at 4.5 and by that score she was "moderately giddied" (143). However, it was only the WPPSI, not a great test, the only one they give at that age, though. What we didn't understand at the time was that our daughter hit three "ceilings" on individual "subtests." That means the test did not determine the true extent of her IQ. We ended up homeschooling for K and beyond (9 years now) and when she turned 9 we had her re-tested because there seemed to be a greater discrepancy in what we were seeing from her then and that IQ score at age 4. At this time she tested at the pg level. So...my thoughts based on this experience are: I agree with you. IQ tests at this age will not show the true extent of what you are dealing with, and you already recognize your child as gifted. So I wouldn't bother right away. But, I *would* have the child tested at 6 or 7 (establish a relationship with a qualified tester before he or she is 6 and follow their advice as to exactly when to do it). It really DOES matter if your child is g or eg or pg but you want to be sure you have the best identification of that.

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