My daughter was very concerned about our grandson, who turned 3 years old 2 weeks a go. The prolem is he does not want to go to school. James, our grandson, even said that he is not ready to go to school. His mother has brought him to numerous schools. All schools require children to be potty trained to be able to placed in schools. James still wear diapers. He wears big boy underware as well to help him to feel uncomfortable if he does it in the underware. He tried to do it, but only once or twice succeeded. So until he is potty trained, he will not be accepted in any schools.

As a grandmother, I had been with him during birth to two full months. As I a newborn, James had been very communicative. He sucked his big thumb very hard to show his mommy that he needed to drink. He was breast fed until 2 months before his baby sister Georgia was born. When he was 31/2 months his parents took him to Bangkok to attend a wedding party. They stay at a 4 star new hotel, we joined them too. We arrivee one day later to babysit James. We stay at a beautiful 5star hotel, when James came to visit us he became very smiley. He either recognized us (I left Melbourne when James was 2 months old) or he just loved beautiful hotel. He laughed a lot at the Oriental Bangkok. He became a star there. Female guests are drawn to him. His smile is infectious. His eyes are bright. The hospital In Melbourne, Australia recommend our daughter, James and Georgia to models for their article about the budget of parenting. It was appeared in the state government's newspaper and magazine.
James, fell in love yesterday. He and Georgia always join the expat kids in the swimming pool area. James showed interest in Didie, a dutch-vietnamese girl. James and georgia Britishchineseduth. James's first tounge is British English. James ran home to pick up his motorcycle to impress the the 2 year old Didie. Later he even came back change his clothes and wore a batman costume and asked me through Skype (I live in Jakarta) whether he looked handsome. Of course I told him what he wanted to hear.
There are a lot more about James than what I just wrote. He is a star in the compound. The guards there loved to talk to him. A guard said he knows more than their 6 year old son.

Sjeline Lukiman
James's maternal grandmother.

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