Nice to see that racists are being trained early. If these kids were white and tried that everyone from the gov to board to teach would be skinned alive. The young girls are reflecting the love their parents exposed them to. My military service proved to me that there are racists in every race. The supreme court said that if you are white, you cannot be a racist-black, brown yellow-
go for it because we are with you in your racism. Either in life or TV, color is the first word during any confrontation. WHY?
Because they are just as racist as Idi Amin. They are just too cowardly to admit it in public-when a recorder is on. In private, another story. Yes there are racists in every race. Most black racists feel justified in their racism-they worship it.
The spanish racists who refuse to apply english worship their racism. Think they will get the courage to pull themselves up and
rise above-overcome? Not a chance. Too easy to hide in their cowardice. As always--the easy way.

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