Hi im looking for some advise. My sister doesn't feel loved or appreciated by my father and she thinks that he hates her. I need to know how to help her. Would family therapy be a good idea?

Every time he is annoyed at her she feels like at bad person (she most like was already mentally beating herself up about it) so then she cries and he gets more annoyed. He thinks she is trying to get her way and make him feel unreasonable. They do not seem to be able to communicate well with eachother and I think it affects her badly. She doesn't feel good about her self most of the time. He has said things in the past very angrily because they seem to not be able to communicate. She ends up feeling unloved and that he hates her and that she is a bad person. The reason I know these things is because I have a very good relationship with her. I have tried to make him undertand that the way he reacts to get isn't helpful but I really an at a loss at what I should do to help. I will be going away next year and I can't stand the thought that my sisters mental health will be ruined by their relationship. He definetely favours me and I know it. I want to tell someone but I don't want to tell people what my sister has told me and have her annoyed at me or break our trust because if she stops expressing her feelings to me I think it would be worse.
I'm wondering would family therapy be a good idea or what to do. She is 16 so still quite young. I also think she might have some form of anxiety but my family doesn't really agree. They think that letting her freak out (and being what I would consider to be understanding) would encourage her behaviour. She panics if she is going to be late for school is the most common thing. I am no professional on mental health and I have big exams soon so I don't really have time to be stressing over this but I don't feel like I can do nothing. But so far nothing I have don't seems to help. My mother is no help to me when I try and help the problems all she says to me is yeah he wouldn't be saying that if it was you and basically does nothing to fix it and it all worries me so much. Being a teenager is difficult enough as it is without feeling like your patent doesn't love you and you aren't as good as your sibling.

I watch a lot of videos on mental health and phycology because im interested in it but really im just a scared kid with no qualifications or experience this and I would love some advise.

In summary she often feels unloved, worthless that he hates her and im wonderig what I can do to fix this. Thanks for reading my very long comment.

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