another aspect of the "staged" abuse is the awareness many may have that an abusive parent may take out on the child later any criticism from well meaning observers.
I have heard so many stories over the years of parents abusing children... one mother whose first some (illegitimate, father in jail) had the child sleeping on the floor in the laundry room of the new home she shared with partner, his two children had two bedrooms (the mother used to talk of this at work), frustrated the child did not run away. Another client told stories of her second husband belittling, abusing his second son, saying, that was the way his parents had raised him...
It is all too common...
I used to say, "what is wrong with people"
Sadly, there seems to be little motivation for them to recognize, care or change.
Thank heavens for the people who help these abused children learn their way through it.

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