Climate change is a constant. Global warming is a public media term ... not sure when it popped up. Might have something to do with the popping up of "Inconvenient Truth". It was changed to get back to the 'science' and away from the 'media' sensationalism.
How can they know ... they say they are such and such % sure at this time due to this correlation. The evidence comes as time passes. Exon has papers that say they knew what they were doing would cause global climate changes. Don't you read the news?
Note on God ... not a he.
As for its cooled before ... well you may not like that very much either... the reality of climate change is you better be prepared to adapt. And as for NOW... the polar caps are melting and the inland glaciers are melting [98% of them anyway] so you better prepare for higher oceans which at the same time seem to be acidifying and dying. If you keep your head in the sand ... you will end up under water. These are facts. Read some real science research. There are even films to watch.

As for guns ... you don't listen very well there either. Nobody is banning them. Just taking unnecessary ones out of the hands of incompetent people. Who needs a fully automatic assault rifle? When is the last time some citizen used one to stop a crime? Really its just a fetish. A weird fashion. And has almost no relativity to this article in a psychology magazine.

Take the science for what it is and don't feel bad that you have less grey matter and a bigger fear factor. Conservatives fear strangers, the economy, the government itself. How's that for some generalizations.

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