Hello John,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the way I understand what you said is that judgement and evaluation occur naturally in the mind and that it is the extent to which we “buy into” it that makes us lose focus. Do you mean like on autopilot or past/future thinking? (I guess it depends on the extent to which you lose focus).

I think that mindfulness also lends itself to developing more of an awareness. As I practice being mindful in my daily activities and social interactions my awareness increases. It seems that practicing mindfulness takes you into the details of your experiences and as a result, the experience is enhanced and becomes clearer.

I find practicing mindfulness has enhanced my ability to be more considered in my response to situations because it gives me a moment to pause and observe while remaining engaged. I have found practicing mindfulness to be very beneficial.

Thank you, I enjoyed your article very much.

With regard,


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