Contradicting Hillman's uncertainty message, I adore James Hillman's work and have read many of his books. The Dream and the Underworld,Blue Fire,100 years of Psychotherapy, The Soul's Code, etc. I am not a traditional psychologist at all. I am a non-traditional Transformational Psychotherapist and I incorporate Hillman's type of therapy using Tarot Cards, astrology, dreams,'talk-therapy' and ceremony in my work. To me Hillman is a genius, a renegade, a psychopomp and he bridges the ancient world and the archetypal modern world. Not pop, not UP, but depth. We have lost touch with honoring the gods and goddesses, our ancestors, the planets.The cult of the Peur as Robert Bly write about as well is infantile to say the least. We need to reincorporate those ancient myths, rituals,structures. Better the Asclepius than whatever new drug they push down poor patients throats at younger and faster rates. working for PHARMA is what it is all abou,not healing, or shared understanding and support not real. Yes I total support Hillmans knowing that the sickness is cultural and societal and the individual simply feels and illustrates the natural effects. The world is a toxic waste dump site, 50% of the people get cancer. Do the math. We need real world changes at every level, wholistic psycho pomps to enter the political and societal rings. I am uncertain if it is actually happening but I do believe that the present revolutions, breakdown of culture, the economy,and the weather is all part of the divine Plan. Reminds me of Bob Dylan's famous song "like a Rolling Stone"

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