Taking our rightful place at the top of the food chain is not a crime, cruelty, or something to be ashamed of. Most animal lovers consume meat and most hunters are conservationists. They are not hypocrites, they are people with emotional maturity. Animals at the bottom of the food chain are destined to be consumed by an animal up higher, and that's the way it is. No amount of check-writing or veggie-munching will change that. If it's not a human that gets it, it would be another predator. Hunting and eating farm-raised meat benefits wild animals. By supplementing your diet with wild game, you benefit the land by protecting it from development for farms. Rice and wheat doesn't grow in the forest or swamp. Right now hunting lisences, duck stamps and taxes on bullets pay for the preservation of our wetlands and forests. If nobody hunted or trapped, habitat loss would spiral out of control. Besides, the veggie folks out there are just fooling themselves if they think their personal dietary preferences are "saving" animals. Every loaf of bread contains the blood and souls of hundreds of mice poisoned, trapped, and crushed under the wheels of tractors for its production. Baby bunnies squished in their dens too. If anyone is a hypocrite it's someone who thinks they are superior because of their "bloodless diet."