Thank you for posting this article. There comes a point when enough is enough and we just need to quit. It's called forward thinking.

I worked for a large pharma company for seven years. Its one of the big names that everyone on the outside thinks is a great place to work. In the company however, employees are told they can be laid off at any time as research investments are greatly outsourced (CROS) and there are no promotions for internal high performers.

All employees are yearly assessed in forced ranked distributions that included a bottom 10% and a bottom 2% bracket. The reason for this distribution seems to be only to enforce complete fear driven obedience as promotions are not given and there is no real monetary difference in the brackets.

The abuse of employees is so unchecked that it even when it even delves into their personal and political lives. HR seems to know, but not to care. Even though at the time I was in a higher bracket, the low morale and poor culture made me physically ill. a I tossed in the hat shortly after my office mate did the same.

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