Vampires are real. They don't sparkle in the sun, but they will get sick if they don't feed, and their skin is probably better than yours. Real-life vampires are public speakers, computer programmers, and artists who may be sitting next to you on your morning commute. Because we're a bunch of prudes, they're scared of disclosing their vampire status to doctors, who are encouraging the public to become more accepting so these vamps and their donors will discuss their blood exchanges with their physicians or doctor, When a blood transfusion is done with a vampire, That person is automatically turned into a live vampire and will undergo a hunting battle to acquire powers and mights, It is alot of fun to be a vampire and i can testify about the great changes which takes place. You want to get turned into a predator, Then find your way to the realm temple or contact the vampire lord also known as hindu priest on his email and say your request. email:Vampirelordtransformerchanging @ gmail . com.

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