Yep, This all makes so much sense. Three months ago I cut up all my credit cards and closed many of the accounts. I was a constant buyer, collector, pleaser, etc. I have not made an unnecessary purchase in over threemonths and am very proud of this, esp going into the holidays. Last night My husband and I went to Macys to get in on the latest "coupon", i.e. lure... and there was a very frazzled woman ahead of us on the line purchasing what seemed like 100's of items. Why, we wondered? It was as though she was outfitting a rural indian tribe in Central America. Moreover, since all the items were most likely made by underpaid foreigners, it seemed even more preposterous. As she and her exhausted-looking daughter lugged 4 or five overstuffed sachels of goods out of the store, I was so thankful for my decision not to binge-shop this year. I was so turned off by this woman. I am having a much better and much more "aware" holiday as a result.