Good article. Yes, most forms of binge eating, overeating and food addictions are a reaction to an inner feeling of emptiness, neediness, anxiety or low self-esteem. These need to be healed if you want to break free from a compulsive eating disorder. Most of those who come to me for help with compulsive eating have tried every diet there is. They loses a few pounds, but as soon as they feel stressed or anxious, they fall right back into old habits in the vain attempt to fill that inner emotional need.
I find that a combination of CBT and Mindfulness (I provide online therapy via Skype) to be especially effective in helping clients break out of the reactive habit of overeating-dieting-overeating. Basically, mindfulness helps you build a non-reactive relationship with the core emotions that drive the whole process. When you get that relationship right, literally learning to make friends with the emotions, then transformation and change becomes possible. We need to nourish ourselves internally; food can never fill this need in any permanent way.