I read from this article one of Dr. Gray's frequent themes -- mixed-age play and schooling is beneficial to the future of every child, youth, adult, and old person.

Compare that goal to the goal of public educators, especially their government "leaders". The "leaders" of power need less diversity and more consolidation of public schools.

It is easier to control 1000 schools than it is to control 100,000 schools. So government "leaders" force school consolidation, and with it, more control of students, teachers, and parents.

Another law of government control is separation of groups. In schools that means keep the older kids from influencing the younger kids. Keep the grades, which are just arbitrary dividing lines, separate -- and -- let there be infighting between the groups coupled with wandon authoritarian control from above.

The law is called divide and conquer.

So there you have it. Every group develops a leader, and when there is division, there are students who want power over the group they find themselves in. Some of them are called bullies, others are called class presidents, etc. It all depends what rules the group chooses to follow -- those of the street, or those of the a tolerant society.

Do parents know the motives of their government "leaders"? From here it does not appear they do.

Of course, why should they? Today's parents are the product of compulsory schooling; they now think as "leaders" want them to think, and they have become docile followers of their "leaders".

Parents no longer trust or believe in the ability of their minds to think and make moral judgments.

Critical thinking is one subject in school that "leaders" discourage. To encourage critical thinking is, for them, to create independent thinkers and problem citizens who resist control.

I think babies have a long and bitter battle to win their full potential as adults. Even their docile parents have become their enemies.

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