You're on an article bitching about racist white dudes and you use a racial slur against white people? Jesus christ. The hypocrisy is astounding. Think of it this way, it's like me bitching at you for calling me a cracker by saying these damn n-words always playing the race card. Something to that effect. It sees racism as only a white people thing. I'm so disgusted by this new PC Sjw definition that racism only comes from white people, (especially white men for some reason) you want to talk about "microaggressions"? How about the constant insults minorities make against white men/white people in general? I don't think it's even quite a microaggression when you say all white people are racist scum. That's just being racist. Period. It's just as much a "slight" when I'm blamed for all of racism because my skin is white. You guys have turned racism into a white people thing and made it acceptable in your minds to hold blatantly racist opinions and beliefs about white people because it's not racism if you're black. It's racist to say only white people are racist, and suggest that because of your skin color you're incapable of racism. If a white person said I'm white so therefore it's impossible for me to be racist they'd be considered extremely racist. And you'd justify it saying well black people never enslaved white people. (Which from what I've heard isn't true) or maybe you'd say white people were never slaves. (Again a lie) That's just an excuse to be racist and say it's okay because my ancestors were slaves and yours weren't. If you want to go back far enough I bet most people have ancestors who were slaves at some point. So who gives a fuck. I get it, black people were slaves recently, and I know America still has a racism problem. White people can be racist, but so can black people.

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