Modern Leftist pseudoscience at it's finest.

- Be racist against Whites because they're a majority and usually don't whine when oppressed? CHECK.
- Blame Whites for what a small percentage of their ancestors did? CHECK.
- Accuse others who disbelieve in this "science" as false as some sort of (insert leftist term here) in which you place them into a category with a new age label so you can disregard what they have to say? (I'm sure I will have some low IQ and low EQ cowards harass me over my thoughts). Therefore, any negative accusations typed about me will be ignored because I can't emotionally attach myself to someone's subjective reality while they pretend this Microaggression crap is objective reality.

Closing thoughts:
Since you love your percentages, would you like to discuss Blacks of USA being 13% of the population but their crime rates are insanely high? Oh no, there goes my micro-aggressions again, it must be the 50% European DNA being racist against the 50% African DNA side! Oh no, the duality issues of being mixed race!!!

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