To be conservative in today's culture is to live in a world of a constant barrage of microaggressions.

The education system from kindergarten through grad school, Prime time television, TV news, movies, theater, newspapers, all lean left.

ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, all lean left.

The more I read in defense of micro aggressions the more I feel like "welcome to life as a conservative in the world of liberal dominated education, entertainment, and news."

Here I was, for the past 40 years or so, watching TV sitcoms and dramas, reading newspapers, watching TV news, where not a 1/2 hour goes by without me feeling offended by some gratuitous cheap shot "humor" at the expense of conservatives, and thinking that's just how life is, oh well, grow up, get over it.

Little did I know that all that time I had legitimate cause to march en masse with my fellow offendees to demand justice and mandatory education programs and new conservative studies departments at universities and funding to increase sensitivity and awareness of how the dominant culture in this country treats conservatives as second class citizens, morons, meanies, unclean, icky people.

I'm dead serious. Not joking.

All this micro aggression stuff.: Welcome to how it feels to be a conservative in America and especially in academia.

For every gender studies program, for every black studies program, there should be an equivalent program for conservatives.

The left is that which it despises. It commits more microaggressions against more people more often than those it militantly protests against.

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