The term "white privilege" is so lame and overused. Seriously, everyone has privileges. For example, a recent Princeton study found that when a black person applies to an elite school it's the same as adding 230 points to their SAT score. African Americans get all kinds of preferences in society. In federal hiring for example. Also, minority-owned companies always get preference when bidding on government contracts. So, there's your black privilege. Look, racism is just not a major issue in this country anymore. How do I know? Because now we're reduced to talking about idiotic made-up "problems" like "microaggressions" as examples of racism. I get why liberals are so focused on racism now, when it really doesn't matter. They're Democrats, and let's face it, Democrats were on the wrong side of Civil Rights for most of their history. They supported slavery, Jim Crow, and Black Codes. They founded the KKK, twice. Every villain of the Civil Rights era was a Democrat. Heck, they even kept a KKK Exalted Cyclops in office as president pro tem of the Senate (3rd in the line to the presidency) until 2010. Yes, Demokkkrats have a lot to answer for. But the rest of us have moved on and don't feel the need to keep wringing our hands about race constantly. As I said, it's not an issue anymore. Move on. You're welcome.

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