Yes, of course you have white privilege.

Can you choose to live in a neighborhood populated largely by whites? Yes, easily.

Can you go shopping without the clerks following you around making sure you're not stealing things? Probably - if you can't, it may be due to lack of *class* privilege.

Did your history lessons mostly involve people who look somewhat like you? Absolutely! Will your kids, in school, be given mostly books featuring white people? Definitely - it's nigh on impossible to find chapter books with non-white characters, and it's difficult to find picture books featuring same. Sure, there are some if you look around, but not as many and hardly prominently displayed in bookstores.

When you dress or act sloppily, people don't say it's because you're white, do they? And when you dress or act well, they don't say it's despite your race either.

When you go to a good school or get a good job, nobody says that you got it because of affirmative action, do they? (And do you know what's really funny? Because colleges want to avoid being labelled as "women's schools" or "black schools" they actively recruit white males, admitting them in with lower grades and SAT scores than their counterparts. Few people decry this as affirmative action against minorities and women, though!)

And so on and so forth. It's not like you're a bad person just because you're lucky in this respect, or that you, personally, are a bigot. Saying you have white privilege isn't a judgment call. It's just the way things are. Life is structured to favor you in many ways because of your skin color.

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