This is a great article. I think, however, that much more discussion should be given to the microaggressions that minorities direct towards majority groups and other minorities within their own group. This is often seen in the black community like when director Lee Daniels said of Oscar-nominated Gabourey Sidibe that though she was from Harlem she "talked like a white girl" (implying that black people from Harlem should not use proper American English when speaking). This can also be seen among women who engage in destructive behavior and gossip against other women. And the "reverse racism" we see in minority community is grossly understated. As a black woman, I experience these more so than microagressions or gentle racism by white males, and I interact with many of white males every day in my job, community work, and personal life. Barriers are falling for minorities and women in our society today, and we should realize that every time we point the finger at a white male for discriminatory remarks, we have at least three others pointing back at ourselves. This overemphasis on slights made by the majority contributes to the gap we see in the number of women and minorities in positions of power and leadership in our society.

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