Our minds are not designed to handle massive choice. We have two minds (Subconscious and Conscious. The Subconscious Mind is designed to handle consistency in life. Meaning it processes information by looking for consistent patterns and making associative assumptions based on these patterns. If there is not a clear choice based on past experience the Subconscious mind can not make a decision. The Conscious mind is designed to handle inconsistent patterns in life. It does this through the process of asking and answering questions. That's all Conscious thinking is even if we are not aware of the underlining questions. So in order for the Conscious mind to decided between just two choices it must ask:
1. What is the advantages of A?
2. What are the advantages of B?
3. What are the disadvantages of A?
4. What are the Disadvantages of B?
5. How does the advantages of A compare to that of B?
6. How does the disadvantages of A compare to that of B?
7. How do the advantages of A compare to the disadvantages of B?
8. How do the disadvantages of A compare to the advantages of A?

As you can see with just 2 choices there are 8 underlining questions. With 3 choices it becomes 18 questions. 4 = 32?s, 5 = 50?, 6 = 72?s, 7 = 98?s... at this point you start to overwhelm the Conscious mind and can develop Analise Polarise. Neither minds we have are designed to handle excessive choice.