Sorry, anonymous, men have suppressed women for 150,000 years and even created religions to do so. Men have been educated for 4,500 years; women for only 150 years yet we have surpassed men's scores and academic achievements of 4,500 yrs in just 150 yrs. And this intelligence of women intimidated men, thus our supression. 99.999% of all wars were started and continued by men. All rapes (and subsequent murders of victims) are conducted by men. It is men who are fouling our air and water, killing whole species of animals into extinction. Volumes could be written about the destruction by men. Now, because of your age, you don't remember TV of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's. All of the comedy denigrated women, wives, and mother-in-laws. What we are seeing now is the pendulum swinging or KARMA.

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