Anonymous wrote:

I know I'd hate to be your son. You should dress him up in pink dresses for Halloween to show how progressive and woke you are to your shrill Facebook friends, I'm sure he'd love that, and if not, fuck him for being born a boy, right?

There actually are plenty of feminist mothers who abuse their sons that way. Robin Morgan, Ms Magazine editor who popularized "The SCUM Manifesto" in her feminist anthology "Sisterhood is Powerful" wrote "I feel that man hating is an honorable and defensible political act"- she was the mother of a preschool age boy when she uttered that sentiment. Hanna Rosin (the poster girl for feminism as a movement for selfish, obnoxious, upper class white women who fancy themselves as "oppressed") dedicated her book "The End of Men" to one of her sons, who was ridiculed by peers as a result. She also noted their bloodcurdling screams, bloody diapers, and the questionable surgical deftness of their mutilators in an article DEFENDING routine infant circumcision. It was OBVIOUS she felt exquisite schadenfreude at their suffering. If they were members of the privileged sex, a federal law would have protected them against genital mutilation. On another occasion she goaded her equally obnoxious daughter into opining her belief in female supremacy, while her pathetic capon of a husband (David Plotz) restrained her sons from responding. If they were her daughters and she were their father, this sadistic bitch would be in prison where she belongs.

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