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He forgot to mention that the majority of sexual abuse of children is perpetrated by men.....and the pain and misery, fear and lack of trust from this abuse lasts an entire lifetime.....oftentimes, completely rendering the woman incapable of relationships. There are many reasons to hate men.

See, everyone. Misandry right here, disguised as simple logic hiding in culture. This is what the article was about.

She’s implying the reverse isn’t true.

Boys are sexually abused often. So are men - yet somehow we have a one sided conversation in these topics. We encourage men to keep quiet.

Even celebrities like Amy Schummer admitted she had sex with a male who couldn’t actually function. If the reverse were true this would be a massive scandal right now. Yet she is a female and so it is okay!

* Everyone talks about the dead beat dad. No one talks about the awful mothers raising these sons. Why is that! Maybe culture works against little boys more?

Women also tend to do the drugs when they get pregnant. Yet very few are actually held responsible when their child comes out deformed... They just get the baby taken away, and a slap on the wrist.

Men can often interact with a emotionally or physically abusive woman at an early age as well, like BPD.. A mental illness many women suffer from. Which is an ugly issue for all involved.

We make sex work illegal, and therefore ignore a males natural instinct to have sex.

* So yes, there are a lot of horrible women out there.*

When two people have consensual sex. Only the female has the power to keep it. A male who wants a baby is overruled even if will take care of it for 18 years.

Women say it’s their choice! Yet a male who doesn’t want the baby is overruled for 18 years of his life without a choice given to him. The choice for the man is when he has sex. The choice for a woman is after that.

So clearly there are many faults with our system.

It’s about time equal rights literally become equal. Equal time served, and a chance for everyone who was molested and raped.

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