Anonymous wrote:

I am glad that you are different to my experiences. The more men start to highlight the ongoing plights of women and who stand in solidarity (such as men supporting the recent "me too movement") the more likely women like myself will be able to start to trust again. Until then, I am happy to continue my life as it is....finding enjoyment on my own or with my female friends. I would like nothing more than to find more men like yourself. I hope that the majority of men can start to see what women have suffered through and start to be supportive of making change. :)

My hope is that sensible men all avoid all unnecessary contact with people who believe that a vagina is a better determiner of truthfulness than a polygraph or sodium pentathol as in "Believe women" and "women never lie about rape". Really? What about the Duke Lacrosse Team, when 88 Duke professors (including practically the entire Women's Studies department, Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams and The New York Times all proclaimed the defendants guilty in advance of any trial. What about Rolling Stone magazine's infamous "A Rape on Campus" story? Feminist justice would resemble the Soviet system during Stalin's great purges, except that genitalia and chromosomes would determine guilt, instead of accusations of "Trotskyism" or "counterrevolution".

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