Anonymous wrote:

You are exactly the reason I dislike men. Your lack of empathy for women and what they experience. You are unable to see what they have gone through and further victimize them with your judgemental fear.
I adore my son and dedicated my life to him. He is very happy, healthy, intelligent, has a lovely girlfriend and a bright future. We love one another deeply, have a very strong bond, have recently adventured hiking Mount Everest and have traveled much of Asia together. He is very sound of mind, heart and emotion, loves women and is respectful of them. You see, I taught him to put the toilet seat down to be respectful of women. But I am sure a man like you has no idea what I mean by that. Your words don't matter because I know the love my son and I share. Take care. Hope you can lighten your load.

Your son is a man. You hate him just as you hate other men, as you readily ADMIT. Your comments about "empathy" are bullshit. You have no empathy for the millions of men who get substandard education and health care in the West (twice as much is spent on women, and twice as many are uninsured, we spend 5 times as much on breast cancer as prostate cancer even though it kills as many people as breast cancer). School curricula and teaching methods were revised in the 1990s to become more "girl friendly" (and boys adverse) because feminists like Carol Gilligan created a fictive "girl crisis" - when there is an acknowledged boy crisis, feminists respond by claiming boys are inherently inferior to girls, less intelligent and studious, and undeserving of any symapthy (their arguments are remarkably reminiscent of racist arguments about the racial inferiority of blacks). In universities females receive four times as many scholarships, comprise 60% of students, and yet female supremacists still insist they be a protected class under Affirmative Action (which they are the predominant one- the most overadvantaged group in education are white females, often with grandmother who went to Smith College or Brynn Mawr). Most of our social safety net exists only for the "empathetic" sex, which is why 85% of the homeless are male. We have every right (indeed, a duty to ourselves) to detest women of your ilk and the baleful ideology of female supremacy (AKA feminism) you espouse. You're also a pathological liar with your comments about adoring your son. You despise him because of his "defective" Y chromosome and genitalia and your assertions to the contrary ring about as true as similiar protestations from Hanna Rosin, Robin Morgan and Emily McComb (who despaired about the likelihood of raising a "feminists son" while including in a list of New Year's Resolutions "Kill all men"). I have no doubt that your son knows about the hatred you really have for him and all other males. My hope is that he gather the inner strength to stop blaming himself for your bigotry and also to treat you with the same contempt you show for him. You richly deserve that, being so full of female supremacy and gender narcissism that you have the gall to criticize my lack of "empathy". I'll show some "empathy" when feminists oppose any policy that discriminates against males and rebounds in females favor. You've had 50 years monopolizing the conversation about gender to do that.

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