Anonymous wrote:

You could be a living proof of male violence, but I'd rather believe you're just living proof that ignorant and rude people exist, regardeless of gender . When you called me "dear", in the constext of your agressive, disrespectful speech;, when you told that not everything is about me when I was, most of the time, describing social behaviors; when you told me to "shut up" just lose face.
You just disqualified yourself as a person worthy of any kind of dialogue.

Oh, get over yourself. Men have been told to shut up by feminists (including a United States Senator, Claire MacCaslin of Missouri, who has greater access to mass media than I or 99.9999% of men do), their neutered male running dogs (among them Michael Kimmel, who said men must shut up a priori when women speak, typical of feminist notions of "equality") feminists have silenced speakers (Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamengo) who have dared to dissent or criticize their blatant misandry or outright lies. They also create neologisms like "mansplaining" to delegitimize men and anything they have to say as being of lesser value than the opinions of women. They have also deleted from social media anything they find offensive, while things like #killallmen and "I bathe in male tears" and "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!" t shirts are defended by feminists as being at worst "ironically" misandric. And yes, since you have monopolized the public discourse on gender and sex for the past 50 years, it IS long past the time for you to give your traps a rest.

I can think of several things that you could be called other than "dear" that are both accurate and deserved.

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